Thursday, July 2, 2009

LOST Season 5 'Dharma Initiative Kit' Revealed

Check the full details at TV Shows on DVD.

Is the Orientation video pictured in the set an actual VHS? That would be awesome, but I doubt it. Maybe It will be a case that houses more goodies. The set also appears to include some Dharma patches (or stickers), maps, and other paperwork. I love that the disc sleeves are vintage Apple floppies.

I'm pretty sure I want this, but will it be worth paying about twice the cost of a regular DVD/Blu-ray set? Once the final specs are released I'll be able to make an informed decision. I have yet to buy any LOST on Blu-ray, I'm not sure if I should wait to get the seasons on the cheap or for the inevitable Mega Complete Series box set. Maybe that'll be packed in a model Swan computer monitor that beeps every 108 minutes?

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sashaelena said...

OMG! will they have these at comic con?